Farm Free Range Eggs with a TransCoop Chicken Trailer

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The TransCoop Chicken Trailers makes Egg Farming a little more Simple & Affordable.

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Start Farming Eggs with a Chicken Trailer by TransCoop!

Now you can save time and make money by investing in the one of the world’s newest innovations in Poultry farming.

Industry Leading Design

Our Chicken Trailer is designed in to create the ideal environment for laying hens.

Customised Solutions

We let you customise your chicken trailer with a wide range of options.

Best Prices Guaranteed

We’ll beat any price for a comparable product by at least 5% so you always get the lowest.

Delivery Made Easy

We make delivery of your chicken trailer easy and affordable by dropping off right at your location.

Our Chicken Trailer is backed by a 12 Month Warranty

Don’t take any chances. Get a reliable chicken trailer at an affordable price that works each and every time.

Chicken Caravan

TransCoop makes it easy for you to customise your Chicken Trailer so that you get the perfect setup for your farm.


You can easily design and customise your product.

You can see pricing of all options and accessories.

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