Kit Price: $20,580 + GST

Assembled Price: $24,180 + GST

The TC350 Chicken Caravan kit can be shipped internationally via a standard sea container.  Contact us to find out more about our low shipping rates.

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  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 350 Layer Capacity
  • 220L Water Storage (enough for 6 – 7 days use)
  • German Made Roll Away Nests
  • Automatic Nest Exclusion
  • Solar Panel and Deep Cycle Battery
  • Insulated Cladding
  • Egg Belt Cleaning Brush
  • Offset Perches
  • Integrated Nipple Drinkers
  • Levelling Jacks
  • Egg Collection Table
  • Galvanised Frames
  • FRP Poultry Slat Flooring
  • LED Dim-To-Red Lighting
  • Automatic Levelling
  • Additional 220L Water Storage
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Automatic Doors


To achieve optimum performance from your birds, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water. A reliable water supply free from contamination and within easy reach of the birds must be available.

Fresh water at any time: The entire flock has easy access to fresh water whenever they want it. Our water placement is intentional in order to promote bird movement within the system. Water is placed right outside the nests to provide the birds a drink after they lay their eggs. Encouraging bird movement is vital for a healthy flock. When birds move around air flow is increased, resulting in healthier birds, a calm flock, and drier litter.


Nest design: The innovative design of the automatic group-laying nest for layers features special characteristics such as a central egg belt and the patented divided tilting nest floor.

Maximize egg laying and egg quality: It’s the hen’s natural desire to find the most secure place to lay her eggs. The nests are located in areas to provide this sense of security they seek. After the egg is laid, it gently rolls out onto the egg collection belt, and then heads to the egg packing area automatically.



The egg belt is located in the center to allow the eggs be laid directly in front of the belt . This design ensures the shortest possible roll-off distance for the eggs, minimizing the amount of cracked and checked eggs.
Before the divided nest floor completely closes the nest, it is first raised in the center, increasing the inclination of the rear part of the nest floor and removing any eggs from the nest area.
The nest floor is raised completely, allowing any dirt to drop off the nest insert as well as closing off the nest to prevent hens from entering and brooding inside.
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