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TransCoop Supply Commercial Layers by Bond Enterprises

TransCoop have partnered with Bond Enterprises to bring you genetically breed laying lines with an emphasis on production and health. All poultry is vaccinated and shipped in good health at all times with consideration for the welfare of the chickens.

Why Bond Enterprises?


Established in 1978, Bond Enterprises brings years of knowledge and experience to poultry breeding.


All hens are healthy and fully vaccinated.


Hens can be deliver from the Northern Territory to as far south as Victoria.

Bond White Layer

A pure white small framed crossbred which has excellent liveability and high feed efficiency egg production. Eggs white to off white in shell colour.

Breed: Leghorn Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

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Bond Brown Layer

A variegated brown crossbred layer. Highly productive laying large brown shelled eggs. Excellent liveability during both rearing and lay. Good docile temperament and easily managed. Good feed conversion resulting in efficient egg production.

Breed: Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

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Bond Black Layer

This easy care bird produces light brown shelled eggs and performs well under variable conditions.

Breed: Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Australorpe Hen

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About Bond Enterprises

The Bond family has been working in poultry farming for over 30 years and breeding chickens since 1978.

Our main hatchery and breeding farm is situated near Toowoomba, a major rural city west of Brisbane, the capital of the state of Queensland.

The 160 acre farm is isolated from other commercial poultry operations by a minimum of 10 km of buffer zone. Small crop farming and horse studs surround our farm.

Using our modern single bird testing centre and one of Australia’s leading poultry breeding geneticists – Dr. Jeffrey Moth – we are enhancing our layer breeding lines continuously.

Dr. Jeffrey Moth is university trained and has had more than 30 years experience in the Australian Poultry Industry. He developed the superior Siro-CT and Siro-CB and Hy-Line Gold layers as well as the Rochedale Hywate broiler. He co-developed the Hy-Line and Steggles broiler.

Our proprietary lines include Australian and imported bloodlines. Genetic programs are specifically designed to produce high performance breeding and commercial lines. We select for the usual economic characteristics as well as behavioural characteristics – resulting in quiet, friendly and easy to manage poultry.


Day Old Chicks

Chicks which have just hatched and require special attention
in this early stage of life.

Started Pullets

Hen between 16 and 20 weeks of age which is due to start laying.
Birds start laying 2-6weeks after this time.

Need Help?

We realise that it can seem daunting the first time you buy your poultry.  There are many things to consider.  TransCoop is here to help so don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further info or assistance relating to the range of Commercial Layers.

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