Get More Output and Higher Quality with an Egg Grader


We offer a wide range of egg graders which are flexible enough to be configured to meet most needs and demands. The lower capacity graders meet all the requirements of free-range and cage-free producers.

Choosing egg graders from TransCoop guarantees you get a gentle handling of your eggs using the most advanced technology available with superior labour efficiency and low parts usage.

TransCoop offers automatic egg graders in capacity ranges from 2,000 up to 50,000 eggs/hour. They can be supplied with integrated candling and printing.

Our Range of High Quality Egg Graders

Egg Graders

OvoSelect D30

The OvoSelect D30 is the perfect solution for small scale egg grading.  It features a compact design making it one of the world’s most advanced benchtop grading systems.

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Egg Graders

TransCoop EG5000

The TransCoop EG5000 is a very cost effective egg grading machine that has the capacity to grade up to 5400 eggs per hour.

Price: $8,860 (GST Inclusive)

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Egg Graders

Kangur 6000

The Kangur Electronic EGG GRADER 6000 is an alternative to previously used methods of sorting by a mechanical counterweight and strain gauges. The sorting device by weight of table eggs EGG GRADER 6000 was designed for the real demand of the technology market.

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Ovoselect D101 Egg Graders

OvoSelect D101

The Ovoselet D101 egg grader, based on proven electronic weighing system, is a perfect solution for the small scaled egg laying farms who wish to grade their eggs by themselves.

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Ovoselect D200 Egg Graders

OvoSelect D200

The new Ovoselect D200 egg grader has a capacity of 25,000 eggs per hour and available inline directly from the production units.

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Ovoselect F30 Egg Graders

OvoSelect F30

Ovoselect F30 is the brand new egg grading machine with high capacity. The ovoselect F30 is used to seperate the incoming egg flow in upto 4 different categories.

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Ovoselect F50 Egg Graders

OvoSelect F50

Ovoselect F50 is designed in a stainless steel washable construction. Its compact layout and easly dettachable shelves make it very easy to fit in any place.

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