Save Time and Money by Automating your Egg Cleaning Process

Egg Washers

We offer a wide range of egg washers and sanitisers. They are capable of processing just a few hundred eggs to over a million eggs a day. With such a large range we are able to satisfy virtually any customers requirement. If needed, we can also build to a customer’s specific needs.

Our Range of High Quality Egg Washers

Mach-C Batch Egg Washer

$7,720 + GST

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MACH-C Offline-S Egg Washer

$17,870 + GST

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MACH-C Offline Egg Washer

$24,620 + GST

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MACH-C Offline-S Egg Washer with Dryer

$28,850 + GST

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MACH-C Inline Egg Washer

$29,340 + GST

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