Clean Eggs everytime with a Roll Away Nest System

Roll Away Nests

The special feature of our roll away nests is their straightforward ejection system. This nest is ideal for laying hens, breeding hens and broiler breeders. The nest is offered as an individual walled or double item and, depending on requirements, in single- or two-layer configuration. These items are made from galvanised sheet metal and a film-coated, water-resistant plywood, a material that animals feel at home with. The laying nests are supplied with an AstroTurf mat. The elastic, grass-like structure of the slats minimises the crushing of eggs in the nest. The freshly laid eggs roll over the mat to drop gently into the egg collection trough. The eggs are conveyed from here via two mutually separate egg collection belts for packing.

The Astroturf® mat is easy to care for and can be removed for cleaning. The top can be folded open to offer access to the nest and the egg collection process.

Another important aspect of this nest is its modular design. This makes the nests easy to assemble while fulfilling the corresponding hygiene requirements. The colour, shape and floor material (Astroturf®) of this nest have been selected on the basis of the latest research in the field of poultry keeping equipment and are designed to minimise the number of eggs that drop onto the floor.

This guarantees the farmer maximum stock density at reasonable cost. Available as walled or double nest, in single- or two-level configuration.

TC Nest 450

TC Nest 450

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We can supply roll away nest systems in any size to suit your application.

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