TC Nest 450

TC Nest 450
  • Single Tier Nest System
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 450 Layer Capacity
  • Automatic Nest Ejector
  • AstroTurf Flooring
  • 500mm Wide Egg Belt
  • Nest Access Doors
  • Egg Collection Platform
  • 12v Actuator

Maximize egg laying and egg quality: It’s the hen’s natural desire to find the most secure place to lay her eggs. The nests are located in areas to provide this sense of security they seek. After the egg is laid, it gently rolls out onto the egg collection belt, and then heads to the egg packing area automatically.

Nest design: The innovative design of the automatic group-laying nest for layers features special characteristics such as a central egg belt and the patented divided tilting nest floor.


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